Tag: Death To Trad Rock


“It’s an unfortunate – though entirely natural – modern consequence of many of the great musical innovations having happened post-war that a lot of people’s online postings are RIP messages about the death of an ailing originator. So it was for me, when remarkable soundtrack composer Ennio Morricone died on 6 July. One of the first LPs I ever owned as a child was the budget RCA Camden version of a compilation of two of his soundtracks, with “A Fistful of Dollars” on one side and “For a Few Dollars More” on the other – it’s still a worthy entry-level purchase for anyone wishing to dive into Morricone’s peerless and bottomless work. A massive influence on my music which, naturally, sounds nothing like it.”

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GREG KEEFFE of biG fLAME – Song For Ewe

“In the early 80s I squatted in derelict social housing project in Manchester called Hulme – I lived in this Crescent- shaped modernist block, which was basically empty except for a few punks/weirdos and some Dreads…. Every sunny evening the Dreads would put the speakers on the balcony and blast Jah Rastafari across the bleak post-industrial collapsoscape.”

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