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GER EATON – Song For Ewe

“Onto the turntable went Tír na nÓg’s self titled debut from 1971. And what a beautifully pure piece of progressive folk awaited me. Sonny Condell and Leo O’Kelly’s wonderfully crafted songs shine, with them both playing such instruments as tablas, dulcimer and Moroccan pottery drums!”

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“Even though my own music is strongly influenced by Irish and English folk music I heard while growing up, when I first heard Fats Domino playing “Jambalaya” I was mesmerised. The music sounded so otherworldly. It sounded like a rich swampy terrain, very different from the sometimes bleak and harsh Irish weather. I began digging into the music of New Orleans and Louisiana. I discovered Louis Armstrong and the Blafa Brothers. I was so taken with Armstrong that I named my dog Louis after him!”

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KEV HOPPER – Song For Ewe

“…the music harks back to the early days of sampling: sixties avant garde classical with its dissonant eruptions, drones, reversed sections, human voices pitched beyond their natural range and arranged in sequences…and all endowed with all the shortcomings of the nascent technology… but Cristobal Tapia de Veer has somehow managed to revisit and modernise these traits in a very personal, clever and peculiar way.”

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KEELEY – Song(s) For Ewe

“Wendy and Lisa I’ve learned were part of Prince’s band, and he’s arguably the greatest all-round musician EVER so they must have sensational chops as that cat wouldn’t tolerate anything less than perfection. Voice of the Beehive meanwhile were Power-Pop princesses who made one incredible album – 1988’s Let It Bee – but then seem to have suffered death by A&R and overproduction. Fancy that eh? The perils of major label life! The moral of the story? Indie artists need to be on Indie labels. Bliss-out!”

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“This one name-checked ‘Johnny B. Goode’ so it had to be Rock’n’Roll, right? With hindsight, this is a throwaway novelty cash-in record. The badly overdubbed double speed sax and alien voices are way too loud and both go helplessly out of time. To me, it sounded then as it does now; magically insane music from Outer Space. I’m still not sure if it’s Rock’n’Roll though.”

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