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JOSH T. PEARSON – Song For Ewe

“JD Sumner I think is in the Guinness World Records as having the lowest recorded singing voice or something. You listen to him do the intro and it doesn’t sound that low and then you do it and then you realise he’s doing an octave lower than your lowest note and it’s pretty cool. He’s part of The Stamps Quartet that sing gospel. He was part of Elvis’ group.”

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“There may be moments where it’s so loud, too many beers, improvising, so that it sounds like we’re playing three different pieces of music but you’ll never hear a moment where it sounds like we’re trying to make three different points. When we fire it up it’s a single expression. We’ve boiled down Feral Ohms to a very simple, relentless explosion and that’s what we aim to express when everything comes blasting off the stage.”

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