Tag: Factory Records

JOHNY BROWN of BAND OF HOLY JOY – A Midwinter Lucky 7

“I’ve got the north in mind, frozen or otherwise. A sonic ley line of frustrated male energy burning bad through the rusting cultural pylons stretching across the Northern landscape to light up the gloomy winter season and block out the commercial xmas HD overdrive, these seven beauties will hopefully see me through the dark weathered days and bright plastic nights.”

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GREG KEEFFE of biG fLAME – Song For Ewe

“In the early 80s I squatted in derelict social housing project in Manchester called Hulme – I lived in this Crescent- shaped modernist block, which was basically empty except for a few punks/weirdos and some Dreads…. Every sunny evening the Dreads would put the speakers on the balcony and blast Jah Rastafari across the bleak post-industrial collapsoscape.”

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