Tag: Fugazi

SAVAK – Lucky 7

“Nature Erased” was musically inspired by equal measures of Big Boys, Dead Kennedys and James Chance. A bit of nervy guitar work sitting atop an odd-time bass and drum gallop that gets broken up by a droning pulse and a bit of sax squall.”

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E – Lucky 7

“Twin-Tower guitars are connected by tight ropes and the listener is left swaying with only the pounding drumbeat to steady them as Jason Sanford detonates sub-sonic depth charges with his self fashioned “stompbox”.”

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GOLD CLASS – Lucky 7

“I love how alien everything sounds in this track, some kind of Close Encounters transmission. I really loved the Carter Tutti Void records but it’d be exciting to hear a whole new album of this kinda stuff. I’m sure they’re entirely interested in my opinion of their career path.”

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“I first heard Albanian iso-polyphonic singing on a compilation of traditional Balkan folk music. Since forever my favourite music to listen to has been generally non-Western… When Mt Zion was on tour in the early days (pre-Internet everything), there was a music store in Paris we used to get really excited to go to because you could find amazing rare recordings of music from around the world. We picked up this compilation at some point and it made a huge impression on me musically.”

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