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SAM COOMES – Song For Ewe

“Far as I know, I was the only kid in my suburban southern California high school who was into obscure art punk in the early 80’s. One of the bands I stumbled across was LA band Monitor, who made, I think, a single LP & then disappeared without a trace, but their album is incredible.”

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“The Avengers had just played with the Sex Pistols at their last gig at Winterland in SF so Steve Jones stayed behind and produced some Avengers songs for an EP in early 1978. He also played this song in his band,The Professionals, under the title “1,2,3”. Both versions of the tune are great but it should have been a hit for The Avengers – inspiring stuff!”

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“There’s a part of Mia that would love to just make every song into a garagey wall of noise. In this track we let that side out for a bit, added a dash of pop and then, for reasons that made sense at the time, a Scottish highland intro.”

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QUEEN ZEE – Lucky 7

“Joan Jett is an absolute hero of mine. I don’t know if I want to be her or be her best friend. Maybe both. She writes these great, cool as fuck, pop songs! Yes they’re pop songs, and this is a great example of how similar punk and pop really are. I try to channel a lot of that in my own song writing.”

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