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“Punk was very much about white kids reaction to seeing young West Indian kids fight the cops at the Notting Hill carnival and learning to dig their music and rebel stance. The protest against institutional racism and police brutality all over the US this week are encouraging to me because the participants are so young and so racially mixed. Maybe this is the generation that can turn the tide.”

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“This is by far my favourite track from the last year. I was so bored of the same old boy bands and the hype around them and I actually stopped listening to new music for a bit. I hadn’t been to see a new band for a while but was out to support a friends band and last minute addition to the bill was Japanese Television… they were an instrumental, psychedelic, angular revelation.”

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BAND OF HOLY JOY “Neon Primitives” Review

“To find yourself again and find yourself in others, indeed that beautiful blessed moment of realising you’re surrounded absolutely by the crucially wrong sort of people, and everything good that matters is here, and anything bad that matters is over there and nothing really matters at all anyway, but to be here, in the present moment, with this love, in this light, at peace, with another dance and another chance, is everything that is essential right now, no matter how late it all is, no matter how late…no matter how late at all”

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