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BAND OF HOLY JOY “Neon Primitives” Review

“To find yourself again and find yourself in others, indeed that beautiful blessed moment of realising you’re surrounded absolutely by the crucially wrong sort of people, and everything good that matters is here, and anything bad that matters is over there and nothing really matters at all anyway, but to be here, in the present moment, with this love, in this light, at peace, with another dance and another chance, is everything that is essential right now, no matter how late it all is, no matter how late…no matter how late at all”

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“I came across Secos & Molhados through a video on Facebook. A lot of people were making fun of it and saying how ridiculous it was and how stupid they must have been for doing such a thing on television. I think the song is beautiful and I love the vocal melodies.”

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THE G-O-D – Lucky 7

“Most of my time was spent on the hotel bed in a haze of hashish smoke, but one afternoon we managed to venture out to a nearby record store, where this splendid oddment of a dance tune by the American drummer/producer Hamilton Bohannon, was blaring through the shops speakers. It blew me away.”

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