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“Precious as these ultra-rare primitive recordings are…the tracks can’t equal the berserk energy of how I remember The Screamers. I saw the band every time they played NY – Paul Roessler even crashed at my apartment on one trip – and they were an absolute revelation”

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MARK C of LIVE SKULL – Song For Ewe

“A dark track, complimented by a strikingly minimal video, that features the type of raw energy that makes me want to pick up my guitar and play. Wanbdi is a member of the Nakota Nation and grew up on the Yankton Reservation in South Dakota and was the drummer for the acclaimed Native American rock band Indigenous.”

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ANNI HOGAN – Song For Ewe

“That fabulous monochrome suit, gorgeous wild hair and matter of fact placing the seat behind her before the full frenzy solo performance! With ‘Fire’ she permeated Mutant Disco and her own brand of loose Parisian fire mixed with New York groove & grit defined a remarkable poetic outpouring of crazy fantastic and of course so beautiful and French and cool.”

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E – Lucky 7

“Twin-Tower guitars are connected by tight ropes and the listener is left swaying with only the pounding drumbeat to steady them as Jason Sanford detonates sub-sonic depth charges with his self fashioned “stompbox”.”

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“I was talking to Mick Harvey about our shared love of Joey Ramone’s incredible voice recently while we were on the tour bus, and it led me back to this. I listened to this record incessantly when I was young, every track a gem of melody and energy.”

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