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JOHNY BROWN of BAND OF HOLY JOY – A Midwinter Lucky 7

“I’ve got the north in mind, frozen or otherwise. A sonic ley line of frustrated male energy burning bad through the rusting cultural pylons stretching across the Northern landscape to light up the gloomy winter season and block out the commercial xmas HD overdrive, these seven beauties will hopefully see me through the dark weathered days and bright plastic nights.”

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“The vocal treatments and early sampling cuts along with the kind of naive synth sounds I love draw you into this kind of broken technology led neon filled sci-fi world, passing through like one of those weird but really pleasing dreams that come with an afternoon sleep on a shitty bleak Manchester day”

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“We will never make the same record twice, and the fundamental elements of ‘psychedelia’ are to broaden your scope. We’ve found fans in this track via idols and people who previously never got us. That’s what it is all about.”

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THE G-O-D – Lucky 7

“Most of my time was spent on the hotel bed in a haze of hashish smoke, but one afternoon we managed to venture out to a nearby record store, where this splendid oddment of a dance tune by the American drummer/producer Hamilton Bohannon, was blaring through the shops speakers. It blew me away.”

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GREG KEEFFE of biG fLAME – Song For Ewe

“In the early 80s I squatted in derelict social housing project in Manchester called Hulme – I lived in this Crescent- shaped modernist block, which was basically empty except for a few punks/weirdos and some Dreads…. Every sunny evening the Dreads would put the speakers on the balcony and blast Jah Rastafari across the bleak post-industrial collapsoscape.”

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