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BEN LEE – Song For Ewe

“It was one of the first indie rock songs I heard in the 90s that had perfect pop craftsmanship mixed with a hip aesthetic. I loved how loud the vocals were mixed, which was also antithetical to a lot of the records made at the time. It felt like a Motown record or something totally classic.”

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“There may be moments where it’s so loud, too many beers, improvising, so that it sounds like we’re playing three different pieces of music but you’ll never hear a moment where it sounds like we’re trying to make three different points. When we fire it up it’s a single expression. We’ve boiled down Feral Ohms to a very simple, relentless explosion and that’s what we aim to express when everything comes blasting off the stage.”

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THEE MVPs debut album (finally)!

THEE MVPs are a bunch of MC5 loving miscreants that feature a genuine Gravesender, the Punk-a-hontus that is Charlie Wyatt, and now they’ve got a debut album (finally) despite wrecking house parties all over, bringing a little bit of Castle Face Records to Rochester Castle (or at least its environs).

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