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“It’s been a stinker trying to release records during the pandemic but when they’re this good you’ve got to heed that call. I haven’t been this amped on something so close to home in a good few years. The Shaka guys have made a killer LP that has all the calling cards of some of the best weirdo 80s hardcore like Big Boys, Minutemen & Meat Puppets but with none of the usual archaic stubborness that comes with the usual fanboys (and yea they are usually boys) for it.”

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“We listened in fascination to these tracks, which ranged from about 20 seconds to 3 minutes (shades of the brevity of California’s The Minutemen, and the UK’s Wire, both of which began around the same time). Turns out they were improvised with 2 microphones and a simple tape machine over 10 days of experimental jamming in the living room of one of the members (we were recording in similar fashion at the time!), then edited down to the album tracks.”

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HAIRBAND – Lucky 7

“Punk rock changed our lives!” Minutemen were all about promoting how everyone, no matter their background or ability should have access to playing and watching live music (We Jam Econo is one of the best ever music docs!) and this is something which we are so lucky to have in Glasgow: A real community and second family!

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KRAMER – Song For Ewe

“‘TIL I DIE is a song that utterly slays me. It literally fillets me to the bone. I can’t even think about this song without weeping copiously. Upon hearing it, i am summarily transformed into a blubbering mound of mush. It takes just a few seconds. I can’t control it. I breathe that song in, and out come the tears.”

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