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“Because of these strange days of isolation, it has been impossible for me to visit my family, something that I had scheduled to do just before Lockdown. The longer I am held back, the more I am spiritually drawn back, with my desires to connect to the land growing deeper and deeper…This magical piece takes my heart to the homeland. The composition is built around field recordings of birdsongs, and he experiments with the intonation and tuning of his instruments to reflect the myriad of tunings that each birdsong has.”

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BHAJAN BHOY – Song For Ewe

“Top Drawer are one of those most perplexing psych groups. The sole offering “Solid Oak” hints at a sly sense of humour and forces those collectors silly enough to list their album in their eBay searches to endure listing after listing of wooden dressers and cabinets.”

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CAROLINE – Song For Ewe

“Our friend Rose showed us ‘Sid & Joan’ last summer and we got obsessed with this album, particularly this song. The whole album, ‘The Colossus’, is all just vocals, drums and what sounds like accordion. Its all at the perfect speed and the melodies are beautiful.’”

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QUEEN ZEE – Lucky 7

“Joan Jett is an absolute hero of mine. I don’t know if I want to be her or be her best friend. Maybe both. She writes these great, cool as fuck, pop songs! Yes they’re pop songs, and this is a great example of how similar punk and pop really are. I try to channel a lot of that in my own song writing.”

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