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“Because of these strange days of isolation, it has been impossible for me to visit my family, something that I had scheduled to do just before Lockdown. The longer I am held back, the more I am spiritually drawn back, with my desires to connect to the land growing deeper and deeper…This magical piece takes my heart to the homeland. The composition is built around field recordings of birdsongs, and he experiments with the intonation and tuning of his instruments to reflect the myriad of tunings that each birdsong has.”

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WARM DRAG – Lucky 7

Today it’s the turn of Warm Drag, a dynamic duo consisting of the singularly brilliant Vashti Windish (ex of the K-Holes and Golden Triangle in NY) and Paul Quattrone, one of the immense drumming pair in the current Oh Sees line-up (also ex of criminally underrated Modey Lemon and a prolific Ty Segall collaborator). Their self-titled debut record on peerless garage label In The Red records is a coruscating, scathing atmospheric adventure.

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