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KEELEY – Song(s) For Ewe

“Wendy and Lisa I’ve learned were part of Prince’s band, and he’s arguably the greatest all-round musician EVER so they must have sensational chops as that cat wouldn’t tolerate anything less than perfection. Voice of the Beehive meanwhile were Power-Pop princesses who made one incredible album – 1988’s Let It Bee – but then seem to have suffered death by A&R and overproduction. Fancy that eh? The perils of major label life! The moral of the story? Indie artists need to be on Indie labels. Bliss-out!”

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“This song is a one-off, the lyrics and melody are flawless and truly transcendental. Somehow it seemed to have touched Donny in a way we can only imagine. His vocal delivery is so excruciatingly intense. Listening to this song makes you forget that anything exists. You can hear his pain, his joy, his journey. One of the best.”

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“Trying to pick one ABBA song was torture, I could easily have picked six and that’d’ve still been a massive challenge, as ABBA were my first musical love and will be my last. Every record I’ve made reflects the particular way in which I’ve failed to sound like them, although I like to think that I got a little nearer this time.”

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