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ST. SOUTH – Song For Ewe

“In early Feb my best friend Hannah dropped me the Spotify link with a message that read, “this song is so beautiful, I want to cry my fkn eyes out”. I put my headphones on and must have listened at least 5 or 6 times, tears welling through each play.”

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“I chose a song from the Patrick Cowley ‘Muscle Up’ record I got yesterday. It’s called ‘Somebody To Love Tonight’, it’s one of the songs he wrote for gay porn films. It’s dirty, fun, rebellious and proud. You can hear how much he loved music and loved making music and that really cheers me up and motivates me.”

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BOB FAY of SEBADOH – Song For Ewe

“Post Trump “victory”, my listening has all been about deep hurt and finding a way in your time of despair. Mr. Ruffin brings this to a fantastic apex of understated and elegant musical excellence in the Motown tradition of great part followed by equally amazing chord sequence.”

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I’ve been following Sleater-Kinney’s Janet Weiss on Twitter (@jazzhand) and she’s been essential reading in this alt fact, fake news era, an era which cries out for bands like Sleater-Kinney and the newly resurgent Team Dresch. Sleater-Kinney were formed from riot grrrl royalty. I cannot get enough of Janet Weiss’s metronomic but primal drumming, the true heart and soul of SK’s dynamism and there’s some absolute treats on here, dipping into most of the band’s stellar back catalogue.

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