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MAC McCAUGHAN – A New Song For Ewe

“If you’re anything like me, the idea of New Order with a woman singing sounds like a dream combination and Martha Ladly proves it on this fantastic 80s blast. Ladly was in Martha and the Muffins but wasn’t the main Martha. This single features Peter Hook on bass, “pan pipes”, strings arranged by Simon Jeffes of Penguin Cafe Orchestra and glorious synth washes & stabs all topped with Martha’s charming vocals & an epic hook on the chorus.”

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E – Lucky 7

“Twin-Tower guitars are connected by tight ropes and the listener is left swaying with only the pounding drumbeat to steady them as Jason Sanford detonates sub-sonic depth charges with his self fashioned “stompbox”.”

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“There’s a weird nostalgic vibe for me about Camp Cope because they have something that reminds me of Life Without Buildings and Sleater-Kinney and music that I loved when I was Camp Cope’s age. I kind of felt bad for labelling them ‘obscure’ because they are having huge success in Australia and I hope they aren’t obscure over here in the UK for long.”

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