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“— In 2017 I started going to see this band in Boston called Possum. They’re a folk/country band with several members; they’re one of those very few bands (like the Mekons or Queens of The Stone Age circa 2004) (neither of whom they resemble) who have several great lead singers. Possum has 5 excellent singers, all quite different from one another, so I’d describe them as ‘endlessly entertaining’.”

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MARK C of LIVE SKULL – Song For Ewe

“A dark track, complimented by a strikingly minimal video, that features the type of raw energy that makes me want to pick up my guitar and play. Wanbdi is a member of the Nakota Nation and grew up on the Yankton Reservation in South Dakota and was the drummer for the acclaimed Native American rock band Indigenous.”

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ANNA B SAVAGE – Song For Ewe

“I’m cat sitting at the moment, and I can’t work out the Sonos here so the only thing I seem to be able to play is my July Spotify playlist. This is the second track on it, I’ve been listening to it ever day, and I absolutely love it. It’s so delicate, warm and playful, and such a gorgeous recording to boot.”

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“From what I can tell, it’s about a tenuous relationship coming to an end- but what really grabbed me about this track is the, at first, restrained harmonies Tondi and his female counterpart cultivate, which become this cascade of distress and finally resolve back into the guitar and bass parts that greeted you at the start.”

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E – Lucky 7

“Twin-Tower guitars are connected by tight ropes and the listener is left swaying with only the pounding drumbeat to steady them as Jason Sanford detonates sub-sonic depth charges with his self fashioned “stompbox”.”

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