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GREY HAIRS – Lucky 7

“Often when we get obsessed by a song we’ll try and play it in order to somehow exorcise it – we did it in the past with Harry Nilsson and Roky Erickson – and we have a version of this that will see the light of day at some point. But there’s a mysterious extra element at work here – you can hear what every part of the puzzle is doing but together they make something else, a sonic ghost buried in the recording that elevates the whole and makes it impossible to replicate.”

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“I often wondered whether the song was about aliens coming to visit and abduct someone, or if the singer is going crazy and is about to be taken away to a mental asylum. So I looked it up, and the rumour is that it’s a political song about about the mistreatment of rebels who were against the government in the Soviet Union during the late 70’s 80’s. The song was even banned in the Soviet Union.”

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