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KEELEY – Song(s) For Ewe

“Wendy and Lisa I’ve learned were part of Prince’s band, and he’s arguably the greatest all-round musician EVER so they must have sensational chops as that cat wouldn’t tolerate anything less than perfection. Voice of the Beehive meanwhile were Power-Pop princesses who made one incredible album – 1988’s Let It Bee – but then seem to have suffered death by A&R and overproduction. Fancy that eh? The perils of major label life! The moral of the story? Indie artists need to be on Indie labels. Bliss-out!”

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“I was going to pick something from “All Mod Cons” by The Jam but this band nailed the English art school sound for me / simple lyric writing that you didn’t need a dictionary to work them out and what they were going on about.”

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“There’s a part of Mia that would love to just make every song into a garagey wall of noise. In this track we let that side out for a bit, added a dash of pop and then, for reasons that made sense at the time, a Scottish highland intro.”

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BAND OF HOLY JOY – Lucky 7 & Album Of The Year

“I know this is meant to be seven lucky new things but in the light of the current situation I just wanted to pay a bit respect to The Fall and a toss up between the contrived wild of Lana Del Ray or the understated haunting of Silvi Vignola made way for “The North Will Rise Again”. I’ve always loved this track and it’s main protagonist Joe Totale whose cynical view of a mired Britain remains as pertinent now as it did then.”

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