V.S. VERSUS Stef Grindley: BIG BLAST FOR YOUTH, Spring 2016


For the eleventh incendiary episode in a series of mixes which pitch Velvet Sheep versus some of our favourite musical compadres…

Today it’s another cerebral cortex smasher from Stef Grindley, the graphic designer, garage rocker, all round nice guy triple threat. Part of the ColdRice collective from the second city, this is Stef’s second mix for VS, and it’s a veritable treat.

He used to make mixes called “Big Blast For Youth” as part of the ColdRice podcasts, and they were always a real journey into the musical ether, like Freakzone only less furious and furrier. It’s edutainment at its finest. This one features a suitably eclectic mix of drone, post punk, drum n bass & noise. Its easily as good as any Trevor Jackson comp. And then some.

Come on feel the noise, feel the (sun) burn. Get your shit together and buckle up. Before that, please chew on these pre-emptive words of wisdom from our patron, Mr. Grindley:

“Hey Nick! This is always the trickiest part of making a mix… talking about it!

As ever I refuse to get bogged down in genres, these are the sounds that are getting me excited at the moment, some new, some old.

Opening with a new Raime tune from their forthcoming album, I’m really excited about that. Then Big Brave who are one of my favourite new finds, their new album is beautiful and brutal in one go. There are a bunch of things my friends have turned me onto, so I’ll pay that favour forward here… Ultralyd, RP Boo, Ata Kak.

Also there is a My Disco track on here because they are finally in the UK next week, and sadly I won’t be in the UK, so go see them, one of those live bands that you’ll never want to miss.

Right apologies if this wasn’t as well written as it could be, but I’m in charge of a BBQ.

Hope you enjoy it!

Stef X”

Thank ye Stef, this is an ace mix, and you’re a top man.