Here’s a link to last night’s fourth episode of Velvet Sheep radio – a show that’s broadcast fortnightly on

It included “song for ewe” choices from the following:

Vic Godard (Subway Sect)
Dave Henderson (Disco Zombies)
Martin Bramah (Blue Orchids)
James Johnston (Gallon Drunk) & Steve Gullick
Rob Moss (Government Issue/Rob Moss & Skin-Tight Skin)
Sally Anne Morgan (House & Land, The Black Twig Pickers)
Melodie Holliday (Art Trip & The Static Sound)

plus loads of great new outsider anthems

please have a listen via Mixcloud…

And here’s the full playlist:

  1. The Nightingales “Everything, Everywhere, All Of The Time”
  2. The Nightingales with Vic Godard “Commercial Suicide Man”
  3. Vic Godard “Flash The Magic Sign”
  4. The Picadilly Players “Sir Prancelot”
  5. Disco Zombies “Top of the Pops”
  6. Candi Staton “Now You’ve Got The Upper Hand”
  7. The Fall “Rowche Rumble” (Live at St Helens, 1981)
  8. Blue Orchids “Don’t Sell Your Mind”
  9. Jimmy Dell “I’ve Got A Dollar”
  10. Terry Edwards “Bingo Master’s Breakout”
  11. James Johnston / Steve Gullick “Poised To Fall”
  12. Link Wray “Fallin’ Rain”
  13. James Johnston / Steve Gullick “We Travel Time”
  14. Geeshie Wiley “Last Kind Words”
  15. Gallon Drunk “Jake on the Make”
  16. John Dwyer, Nick Murray, Brad Caulkins, Tom Dolas & Greg Coates “Arse”
  17. Hammered Hulls “Written Word”
  18. Government Issue “Hey Ronnie”
  19. Rob Moss & Skin-Tight Skin “Tony Alva’s Pictures”
  20. Sally Anne Morgan “Thread Song”
  21. Fairport Convention “Sloth”
  22. The Singing Loins “Medway Delta Love Song”
  23. Art Trip & The Static Sound “Iron Lung”
  24. Can “Butterfly”
  25. Daniel Avery “Lone Swordsman”
  26. Kid Congo & The Pink Monkey Birds “He Walked In”
  27. U Roy “Wear You To The Ball”