It was an absolute honour to launch the new Velvet Sheep radio show on yesterday, a brilliant home to all kinds of musical mavericks and miscreants, a community of sonic souls including our long term mate Johny Brown of Band of Holy Joy whose show Default Lines is on Sunday afternoons at 4pm and who introduced me to the Neon Hospice’s chief the ace Jonny Mugwump.

Launching on 12.1.21 (a soundcheck of a date) it’s going to be a fortnightly adventure 8pm-10pm, featuring all the best “songs for ewe”.

This episode features “song for ewe” choices by Fliss Kitson of the Nightingales, Dave Callahan of The Wolfhounds, Thurston Moore, Lee Ranaldo, Jeff Nelson of Dischord/Minor Threat, Ajay Saggar, Chris Rowley of Adulkt Life/Huggy Bear and Ben Ayres of Cornershop.

Plus plenty of old chit chat by me, Nick Hutchings.

Not to mention jingles by long term mate MJ Hibbett in his new guise as the John in Jane & John.

Please have a listen below on the Mixcloud link…

and the playlist of songs are all below…

cheers! NH (even my initials are the same as the Neon Hospice, it was meant to be)

  1. Big Stick “Drag Racing”
  2. Blood Sausage “Dipper”
  3. Huggy Bear “Carn’t Kiss”
  4. Adulkt Life “JNR Showtime”
  5. Deniece Williams “Free”
  6. Cornershop “Slingshot”
  7. Ronnie Taylor “Without Love”
  8. The Nightingales “The Top Shelf”
  9. The Wolfhounds “…And Electric Music”
  10. Dave Van Ronk “Pastures of Plenty”
  11. Swampmeat Family Band “The Ballarat Ghost”
  12. Aliotta Haynes Jeremiah “Lake Shore Drive”
  13. Thurston Moore “Hashish”
  14. Horace Tapscott Quintet “For Fats”
  15. DAF “Bild 4”
  16. Lee Ranaldo & Raul Refree “New Brain Trajectory”
  17. Jane & John “Our Year”
  18. Killdozer “The Pig Was Cool”
  19. University Challenged “Serenus”
  20. Top Drawer “Song of a Sinner”
  21. Shudder To Think “X-French T-Shirt”
  22. Coriky “Clean Kill”
  23. Minor Threat “Out of Step”
  24. Leslie Gore “Maybe I Know”
  25. Matt Sweeney & Bonnie Prince Billy “Make Worry For Me”
  26. Palace Music “Lost Blues”
  27. Willie Nelson “The Party’s Over”