Here’s a link to last night’s sixth episode of Velvet Sheep radio – a show that’s broadcast fortnightly on

There’s more rampant enthusiasm and outsider anthems and the very best “songs for ewe”…

Including picks from the following:
Julie Cafritz (Pussy Galore)
Stef Petticoat (The Petticoats)
New Bums
Amelia Fletcher (The Catenary Wires)
Paul Smith (Maxïmo Park)
John McKeown (The Yummy Fur)
Mark Emmerson (The Lucid Dream)
Duke Garwood
Ade Blackburn (Clinic)
Mike Watt (Minutemen, fIREHOSE, The Stooges)

not forgetting the ace jingles by NY noise legends Big Stick and UK indie heroes Jane & John

please have a listen via Mixcloud…

And here’s the full playlist:

  1. Big Stick – Hoochie Express
  2. Pussy Galore – Solo=Sex
  3. Vivien Goldman – Launderette
  4. The Petticoats – Normal
  5. And The Native Hipsters – There Goes Concorde Again
  6. Bill Callahan – Pigeons
  7. New Bums – Cover Band
  8. Marine Girls – In Love
  9. The Catenary Wires – Mirrorball
  10. The Delgados – Thirteen Gilding Principles
  11. Maximo Park – Ardour
  12. The Supreme Jubilees – It’ll All Be Over
  13. Piggy Wings – The Internet
  14. The Yummy Fur – Department
  15. Joni Mitchell – Songs To Aging Children Come
  16. The Lucid Dream – CHI-03
  17. Phuture – Acid Tracks
  18. Band of Holy Joy – This Is The Festival Scene
  19. John Holt – Ali Baba
  20. Duke Garwood – Hard Dreams
  21. Clinic – D.I.S.C.I.P.L.E
  22. It’s All Meat – Sunday Love
  23. Ivan The Tolerable & His Elastic Band with Mike Watt – Orange Foam (Blood)
  24. Roky Erickson – I Have Always Been Here Before
  25. Wand “Little Dream”
  26. Cathal Coughlan – Crow Mother
  27. Shellac – Crow