On the Velvet Sheep radio show, I play fav tunes picked as part of the fanzine’s “song for ewe” feature where favourite artistes old and new choose an obscure-ish song they’ve enjoyed lately.

With no rules on genre or era, the songs range from psychobilly freakouts to psychedelic workouts, rare doo-wop to classic punk rock, pastoral to choral and extreme noise terror to elegant ambient soundscapes.

This week’s rump shaking artists with “songs for ewe” were:
Joe Thompson (Hey Colossus/Wrong Speed Records)
Jim Kimball (Mule/Laughing Hyenas/The Jesus Lizard)
Dave Barbarossa (Adam & The Ants)
Cynthia Plastercaster RIP

Plus new tunes from Ghost Power, Astrel K, Craig Fortnam, Guided By Voices and more…

Full playlist:

  1. Jah Wobble & The Ukrainians – Ukranian National Anthem In Dub
  2. Stereolab – French Disko
  3. Ghost Power – Asteroid Witch
  4. Astrel K – Is It It Or Is It I?
  5. Anne Garner – Alma
  6. Erasers – Easy To See
  7. Nicodemus – Bone Connection
  8. Mule – We Know You’re Drunk
  9. Buddy Rich Septet – Straight, No Chaser
  10. Guided By Voices – Come North Together
  11. Craig Fortnam – Running All The Way
  12. Kev Hopper – The Words You Missed
  13. Goose Green – Goose Green
  14. Arthur Verocai – Presente Grego
  15. Drumm Chimp – I’m Gonna Love You Just A Little More Baby
  16. Barry White – I’m Gonna Love You Just A Little More Babe
  17. Suburban Lawns – Janitor
  18. Adam & The Ants – Car Trouble
  19. Toña la Negra – Lamento Jarocho
  20. Terry Edwards and the Scapegoats – Margaret Thatcher We Still Hate You