On the Velvet Sheep radio show, I play the fluoro highlighted tunes picked as part of the fanzine’s “song for ewe” feature where favourite artistes old and new choose an obscure-ish song they’ve enjoyed lately.

With no rules on genre or era, the songs range from psychobilly freakouts to psychedelic workouts, rare doo-wop to classic punk rock, pastoral to choral and extreme noise terror to elegant ambient soundscapes.

This week’s outlier heroes with “songs for ewe” are:
Quatermass III
Marco Butcher (Uncle Butcher)
Justin Sullivan (Flat Worms)
Anne Garner
Tansy McNally (Blue Orchids)
Andy Warren (The Monochrome Set)

plus new tunes from Ty Segall, Osees, Rob Moss & Skin-Tight Skin, Dragon Welding and KEELEY…


  1. Kai-Ray – I Want Some Of That
  2. Captain Beefheart & The Magic Band – Safe As Milk
  3. Weird Nightmare – Wrecked (radio edit) featuring Bully
  4. Quatermass III – Found Footage
  5. Chuck Wood – Seven Days Too Long
  6. Uncle Butcher And His One Man Band – Bob Dylan Blues (Syd Barrett)
  7. Human Trash – Trash Talkin’
  8. Ty Segall – Saturday Pt. 2
  9. Dragon Welding – Horsefeathers
  10. Rob Moss & Skin-Tight Skin – Red Beans and Gasoline
  11. Flat Worms – Pearl (live)
  12. The Gaylettes – Here Comes That Feeling
  13. Keeley – 1990s Brightest Star
  14. Anne Garner – Dust Devil
  15. Bill Fay – Never Ending Happening
  16. Blue Orchids – What Lies Beneath
  17. Blue Orchids – No Ghosts No Answers
  18. The Kinks – Milk Cow Blues
  19. The Kinks – Waterloo Sunset
  20. The Monochrome Set – Really In The Wrong Town
  21. The Burning Hell – Nigel The Gannet
  22. Cathal Coughlan – Crow Mother II (Kevin Sharkey Unrepentant Acid Mix)
  23. Nik Colk Void – Demna
  24. Madeleine Cocolas – Resonance
  25. Matmos – Tonight There Is Something Special About The Moon
  26. I Roy – Get Up Stand Up
  27. Osees – Funeral Solution
  28. Queen Latifah – Mama Gave Birth To The Soul Children (feat. De La Soul)