Here’s a link to last night’s second episode of Velvet Sheep radio on

It was a real blast not least because there were brand new awesome jingles from the New York noise legends and Peel favs Big Stick!
(as well as our brilliant ones from Jane & John)

Plus “song for ewe” choices from the following:
Matt Baty (Pigs x7)
King Coffey (Butthole Surfers)
Bob Bert (Pussy Galore, Wolfmanhattan Project etc)
Big Stick
Nathalie Ribbons (Tele Novella)
Sarah Louise (House & Land)
Ajay Saggar (University Challenged)
Chris Brokaw (Come, Codeine)
Duane Denison (The Jesus Lizard, Tomahawk)
Jon Langford (The Mekons)

Have a listen here via Mixcloud

And here’s the full playlist –
Pigs Pigs Pigs Pigs Pigs Pigs Pigs “Reducer”
BLOM “Meat”
Butthole Surfers “Human Cannonball”
USA/Mexico “Chorizo”
Erick Y Su Gropo Massore “El Paso del Monkey”
MC5 “Over & Over”
The Wolfmanhattan Project “Stick”
Big Stick “Marlin In A Maiden’s Dress”
Electric Eels “Agitated”
Public Image Limited “Public Image”
Adulkt Life “Country Pride”
Tele Novella “Technicolor Town”
Les Paul & Mary Ford “Smoke Rings”
Mike Watt & The Black Gang “Rebel Girl”
Sally Anne Morgan “Sheep Shaped”
House & Land “Two Sisters”
Gila “This Morning”
University Challenged “Inside Segovia’s Dream”
Ray I “Weatherman Skank”
Chris Brokaw “I Can’t Sleep”
Possum “Three Sides To Every Story”
The Jesus Lizard “Puss”
New York Dolls “We’re All In Love”
Mekons “32 Weeks”
Mekons “West Yorks Ballad”
John Cale “Half Past France”
Senseless Things “Is It Too Late?”
The Nightingales “Gales Doc”